The Intrusion 2 amusement is a 2D platformer shootem-up, like Metal Slug on the old Neo-geo comfort.


Activities/movement in Intrusion 2 is marginally jerky, again I contrast it and the spread smooth Metal Slug. Gravity is floaty and the damping is off. As a result of this, the controls don’t feel “tight”, which is something difficult to get right yet it pays off huge in light of the fact that it’s something that is dependable in the diversion (and once you get the controls right you can reorder into continuations).

Projectiles crashes are not precise, which ruins inundation. Some of the time they vanish when hitting the center of a sprite, now and then the side. They crave something hauled out of game maker.

Music is great and takes after the diversion well, however, does not have the “stone of activity” required in 2D shooting platformers. Sounds impacts are worthy, yet solid suppressed and need punch and energy like roads of wrath. I need my speakers popping. The absence of huge blasts.

Foe assortment is awesome, there are many cool adversaries with strange assault designs. The Box-2d material science utilized makes for some cool battling. For instance, when you take out a jetpack man he will turn wild (in 2D). Envision how cool it would be on the off chance that he spun out in 3D… flying towards the screen or over away from plain sight with some sprite scaling? A comment about for Intrusion 3.

Shooting adversaries are likewise not as “tight” as a Metal Slug. In metal slug, you shoot an adversary and you KNOW you’ve shot them. In Intrusion 2, there is no or almost no input that your shots are notwithstanding hitting. For input, I would have preferred visual + sound impacts. This absence of proper input when hitting is a similar imperfection found in Gears of War 3 and Crysis 2. Without criticism or instakill when shooting terrible folks it ruins the experience and submersion of the diversion. In metal slug, 1 or 2 shots are sufficient for most adversaries and you get moment graphical and sound input. I’d get a kick out of the chance to see the same in Intrusion 2.

This is Intrusion 2 Walkthrough, it is useful for new players.

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Incursion 2 – The Artifact Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Pharoh’Ahn


This is it. A definitive confrontation of extreme predetermination. Pharoh’Ahn is prepared to thunder, and he’s brought more detestable animals in the interest of personal entertainment than you’d set out to the number. It is safe to say that you are prepared to cut down a compel of sheer shrewd and reestablish peace to the land? Obviously, you are.

The roads whereupon you should battle Pharoh’Ahn are part into three ways, all of which stream past a focal island and down to the exit in the southeast corner of the guide. There are garrison huts in a few areas, yet for the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress, you’ll need to utilize the island for building up your protections.


Your adversaries will come in huge waves, greater than what you’ve experienced sometime recently, and however, this will net you a considerable measure of cash you’ll additionally need to get them set up in a rush. You can hope to confront the accompanying new adversaries on this guide:

  • Molotovs. Though stylistically similar to Juggernauts, Molotovs are ranged enemies that can destroy a lot of your units in one go with their explosive projectiles. Send Garga in when one appears before it can get near your cloistered troops.
  • Jumpers. Though they’re only in one wave and they come alone, Jumpers are quite dangerous. They will teleport from place to place, and can quickly bypass your defenses without taking a single hit. Archers and Garga are necessities for killing them before they can escape. Don’t bother with spells, they typically aren’t that useful. Melee units are nigh useless against Jumpers unless you know exactly where they’ll land, and even then they won’t do much.
  • Makujins. Cloaked friends that skulk slowly along, Makujins are a horrid threat to melee fighters. If you do use sword-to-sword troops, make sure they don’t have to fight these guys.
  • Belgians. Flaming beasts with swords of fire, Belgians have a lot of health and usually serve as distractions so other enemies can slip through. Arrows are your best friends when dealing with one, as are status ailments inflicted early.
  • Banshees. Floating screamers that appear in large, slow-moving clusters. Banshees are easy to deal with if you have archers or lots of magic-users handy, which you will on this map. Gaga isn’t the best choice for taking them on.


The battle has a ton of units appearing at a time, all headed in massive groups to the same spot. This is particularly true, later in the battle, of Skeletons. You’ll find out why momentarily.

Your setup for this fight ought to depend, as ever for the later levels, of mages, bowmen, and reasonable utilization of Garga as a square at the edge of the guide. Set up two toxophilites and one mage in the center tower on the focal island, and rapidly step up the mage so it’s impacting adversaries with lightning. The bowmen will give adequate softening-up help to the mages’ objectives and will do pleasantly against the enchantment secured foes that the mages can’t slaughter. Spread out into the nearby sleeping enclosure once the first is completely furnished with business as usual, especially the mages.

Garga is especially critical in this battle in view of the infrequent appearances of Queens of the Spotless Mind from the west side of the guide. These animals will wreak devastation by taking control of your units, and it’s dependent upon Garga to stop them before they can do much harm. Utilize zone assaults to bring them, and their meaty accomplices, down when they enter the guide. Do whatever it takes not to assault them with Garga specifically, as he’s extremely perilous when he’s confounded. In the event that he gets hit with perplexity, transport him elsewhere – he’ll more often than not lose the status instantly.

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Battalion Commander – Walkthrough tips


Battalion Commander is a completely amazing vertical shooter by IriySoft. Most importantly, it has little officers. Second, those warriors are genuinely lethal (and fatal genuine). Likewise, there is helicopters, tanks, explosives, napalm, and your form cognizant foes are wearing pink regalia: what’s not to like? Your objective is less to complete the level, as to finish missions. Each level gets increasingly troublesome, until the point when you’re getting shot from all sides like a failure in a water expand battle, yet that is OK, as long as you continue getting knowledge focuses and cash.

There are a hundred missions altogether, which guarantees hours of butt-kicking gameplay. Each time you begin a level, you have three of them to complete, and they go from killing various foes with a blade to annihilating helicopters with napalm waves. The experience focuses go towards your next rank, and each rank opens three overhauls, which cost cash to enact. The overhauls are all around executed, and sufficiently changed to impact each part of the amusement; they give your little fighters the genuinely necessary high ground as they advance through the ever harder levels. Mechanics are smooth, your squad moves in exquisite harmony, and projectiles hit their objectives without breaking a sweat. The visuals are (don’t state “charming”!) beautiful, splendid and clear, which is a decent decision when your screen is frequently swarmed with adversary objects. Regardless of the possibility that, initially, incredible before the finish of a level, Battalion Commander never appears to be baffling. For a moderately basic shooter, it’s shockingly addictive, not slightest in light of the fact that it makes you think the great old “only one more mission and I’ll stop, I guarantee.”

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Cactus McCoy 2

Cactus McCoy, spiky green distributor of western vengeance is back, and this time he has competition. He’s met up with Technicolor bird lady Ella Windstorm who spins him a tale of the Volados: a fallen civilization laid waste to by a mysterious cult known as the Reptaras. It seems that there’s a secret vault that contains the lost treasure of the Volados, including the magical Serpent Blade. With Ella kidnapped, it’s up to McCoy to find the vault before either the Volados or his old friends the Enemigos do, recover the Serpent Blade, save the love interest, and make out like a cactus-Y bandit with all the loot he can carry.



Controls are nearly the same as the original:

The [arrow] keys move you left and right. [A] makes you jump onto platforms and ladders and [S] makes you attack, either with your fists or any of the dozens of weapons you’ll come across. [Down] + [A] drops you down a platform. To pick up a weapon, you crouch over it with the [down] key, and can aim it around by holding the [up] key along with [left] and [right] for a diagonal shot. Likewise, you can pick up boxes and other large objects with [down] and either place them by hitting [down] again or chucking it with the [A] key. There are various types of weapons: punching ones, throwing ones, swinging ones, whipping ones, thrusting ones, and shooting ones. A new element is the barrel rockets, which takes you on a speedy rock blasting ride and are controlled (barely) by either the [right and left] or [up and down] arrow keys depending on which way it faces. Defeating Enemigos gives you coins to collect, and with them, you can purchase upgrades between each level.



Cactus McCoy 2 is the best kind of sequel: one that expands and refines the original without sacrificing what made it great. In this case, the expansion comes mainly in gameplay mechanics. There are a host of new weapons to find, each with its own particular style of use, there are a ton of new baddies to fight, all highly punchable, and the new levels to explore are large, detailed and fit in perfectly with the series’ demented presentation of the old west. Nice new touches include the arsenal, which allows you to purchase and equip whatever weapon you prefer at the start of the level, rather than waiting for an enemy to drop it, and the health-refilling checkpoints now sprinkled throughout. Best of all, the hidden treasures and achievements that were the highlight of the original are back and more varied than ever. To give you a taste, they include such things as “Take out Alpaca Jack with his own Revolver”, “Kill 20 enemies with a moving mine cart” and “Eat 10 piranhas with your chainsaw alligator”. Classic. Whether you were addicted to the first or this is your introduction to the series, Cactus McCoy 2 will prove an ol‘ west showdown that’s bursting with the new.

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Paladog Walkthrough Guide

Paladog is a great strategy game with an addictive and entertaining gameplay, also really good graphics and sounds. You control a great doggy leader named Paladog and fight against the never-ending hordes of the zombies.


  • Chapter 1 Mind Forest, get Hood The Rabbit (Archer). Although rabbit its weak and slow, they make up for their low food cost, powerful range attacks and able to shoot fire arrow that penetrates multiple enemies and enemy base!
  • Chapter 2 Forest of the Dead, get Rooky the Kangaroo (Boxer) and max upgrade it! Kangaroo is the ideal partner for Rabbit as it has very fast melee attack speed, average health and above all, throws 4 rapid fire punches within a split second to the knock out the enemy quickly.
  • Chapter 3 Ice Glen, save money to grab Penguin and its upgrades. It will take awhile to get there since you need to purchase Defensive Tortoise, Monkey Pirate, and Elite Rhino before unlocking Penguin.

maxresdefault (1)

  • Chapter 4 Dark Cave, get Penguin The Wizard (Ice Mage). This Penguin costs a lot of food but it’s worth it against very powerful enemies. When bunnies golden arrow could not knock the big guys, Penguin will freeze them to death with its powerful ice shard. You might have difficulty completing Dark Cave Destiny Mode Level 5. Spend some cash on Defensive Tortoise and Monkey Pirates.
  • Chapter 5 Forgotten Palace, get the Pink Dragon (Flamethrower) to aid Penguin. Once you have those bunnies rushing in the early waves, summon Penguin followed by Pink Dragon. Get skills that allow you to produce food faster to summon these powerful allies into battlefield quickly.



If the battle is too hard, raising your level at some easy stages is also a good idea. It is important to check your items before heading for a battle! What weapon you should use will depend on your strategy, but it is better to have a weapon, ranged weapon and a healing to make the battle easy. It is not a good idea to summon units right after the battle starts. Units are weak alone. Enemies that attack from afar becomes scary when they’re all along. Get rid of them from time to time to avoid that situation.
If your inventory is full, monster’s won’t drop items anymore. So I recommend selling needless items at the shop. The skill of allies can also knock down your enemies. Don’t forget that the skills only works when allies are in the aura! Every boss monsters have distinct features. So the strategy also has to be different for each of them. Think wisely!

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NESTS characters in King of Fighter

Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond first appeared as the sub-boss in The King of Fighters 2000. She enters as a normal participant in subsequent appearances. Her original hair color is strawberry blonde (confirmed after the game’s release) but changes to a light blue when she activates her powers. She’s often seen with her companions, Diana, Foxy and Candy Diamond.



Cryokinesis – Kula has an impressive control over ice. When using her powers, Kula’s hair becomes blue and her eyes turn magenta. When not in use of her powers her hair is strawberry-blonde and eyes are blue. Also, when her powers are active, she is surrounded by an aura of cold air that constantly swirls around her. Her ice powers are strong enough to freeze and shatter a space station (Zero Cannon) made of steel, which means she can lower down the temperature around her as low as minus 200°F, though the limits of her cryokinesis are still unknown.


K’, Kei Dasshu, pronounced as “K Dash”), sometimes known as “K Prime”, simply referred as K, is a character who debuted as the leader of the Hero Team in The King of Fighters ’99. He stars as the reluctant hero in the NESTS saga of the series, often letting his partner Maxima handle any social necessities in his stead. To contrast the previous protagonist of the series, K’ was made to be the “dark hero”.



Pyrokinesis – K’ can control fire.
K’s fighting style is said to be “Pure Violence”, but it has several similarities with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. He even uses some of his famous moves, such as the One-inch punch and Flying Kicks.


Angel is a character introduced in The King of Fighters series. She was voted as the third fan favorite character with a total of 2498 votes. Angel and Shermie both have the largest bust measurement of all the KOF females (92 cm)



Due to her affiliation with NESTS, much of her body was enhanced to be far stronger than that of a normal human.

  • Superhuman strength – She is able to lift and throw someone as heavy as Maxima.
  • Superhuman reflexes – She is able to dodge several attacks.
  • Superhuman stamina – Her body will only develop fatigue toxins after several hours of physical stress.
  • Superhuman dexterity – Her dexterity is even greater than that of a 10th-grade black belt.
  • Superhuman speed – Angel is so fast that she can translocate herself.


Whip, whose real name is Seirah, is a character who first appeared in The King of Fighters ’99 as the new member of the Ikari team. Her affinity for whips earned her the nickname, Muchiko-which roughly translates to “Whip Girl” (sometimes translated as “Whippy”) – by Ralf Jones.



Whipping strike – Seirah can use her hands to strike at her opponent in a blindingly fast whipping motion. She probably doesn’t have enough control of this ability, and only chooses to use such power to a downed opponent. Her attacking range increases and she can attack multiple times.


Igniz is the final boss in The King of Fighters 2001. His handsome and youthful appearance was specifically created at the sponsors’ request. He becomes the leader of NESTS after he kills Nests.



  • Fast Attacks – Igniz can punch, kick and use his tendrils with high speed.
    Psychokinesis – Igniz has a vast array of psychic abilities.
  • Ergokinesis – Igniz can channel energy, either naturally (his own) or artificially (through his armor).
  • Magic – Igniz can use mystical abilities seen in a few games. But there are theories that he uses this ability in their particular universe invoking the crystal ball that holds the opponent, a mystical symbol can be seen on the ground when Igniz uses this ability.
  • Great Strength and Resistance – Igniz is shown being very strong and sturdy this skill is supposed to come from his special suit. The strength of his special suit is proven to be stronger than a full-powered Daimon and Maxima combined, its tentacles able to knock down huge and strong fighters like Daimon and Maxima in a single “tap”. The robe is also strong enough to send those fighters flying several meters away in a single sweep, strong enough to ignore strong attacks and protect Igniz.

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Cheats & Tips for Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting

  • In order to use your Special Abilities, you need to conserve power. You can do that by pressing ‘K’.


  • The Special Abilities can be triggered using ‘U’, ‘I’ or ‘O’. Be careful not to miss though because it can happen.
  • You do more damage as your combo number increases. Make sure you get it as high as possible. There is a small delay before the combo finishes so you aren’t required to continuously attack an enemy.
  • If you are fighting multiple enemies, keep in mind that each one of them has their own HP bar. The enemy HP Bar from the right of the screen is the HP Bar of the last enemy touched.
  • Try to hit multiple enemies at the same time. It will be faster and it will make your job easier.


  • Most of the playable characters can jump. Use that to your advantage – you can trigger special attacks and you can dodge a lot of enemy projectiles.
  • In order to get the Dragon Balls, you need to fight very powerful enemies (their level is not even displayed on the screen). Even though you can attack them right from the beginning, it is wise to get used to the game before you try or else you will be squashed like a bug.
  • Double-tapping on the movement buttons can trigger some special effects: some of the characters will flash forward, some of them will dash and some of them will fly.
  • You can change your character before a mission. It doesn’t matter if you win a level with one character and you want to continue with another. Just make sure you win beforehand.

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting Review

Probably the most watched anime series in the world is Dragon Ball. Every child, boy or girl, has seen at least one episode of these wonderful anime. Most of them kept watching and even helped their hero save the world, resurrect, find the dragon balls to revive his fallen friends and so on. I was one of those loyal fans so anytime I have to review a Dragon Ball themed game I am really enthusiastic.


The feature I like the most about Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 is the fact that the game has a lot of playable characters. With each new version of this title, there are more and more characters you can play with. I really appreciate the developers’ work because creating rather balanced various characters must be hard. In addition to this, I like the fact that Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 has more than enough content and you will spend a lot of time with it. There are stages that you are required to unlock (more than 50) and you can do different side quests such as…I don’t know…recover the dragon balls.

One other great thing that I encountered during my playtime is the fact that each character has its own skillset which fortunately is similar to the one used by each of this characters in the anime. I am not so sure about the licensing rights of Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 but as long as the game is good, as a player, I will not complain or question morality. I also think that it is worth mentioning the fact that the game runs on most personal computers even though they are not very good from a hardware point of view.

There are more than a few things I don’t like about Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 either. First of all, I think that the game is a bit outdated. The graphics really need some sort of upgrade because people are more and more interested in this aspect. A new title with improved visuals but with the same core can become really popular among browser games so the developers should consider doing so.

Secondly, I don’t like the fact that I don’t have a character progression. I would have loved to be able to upgrade skills or to unlock different power-ups to my characters. It can be hard to implement but I honestly think it will help Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting…and it will probably help it a lot. It has already been proven that if a user identifies himself with the character, it will play the game for much longer.

Last but not least, another thing I don’t like about this game is the fact that the story is really vague. If you aren’t familiar with the Dragon Ball series (shame on you), you will have some difficulties understanding exactly what you are supposed to do. A bit of information and some tips here and there can help a lot.

hqdefault (1)

Overall, Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 is a game I would probably recommend. I haven’t played such good Dragon Balls titles in a while and even though I’ve seen better I still think that this game can provide a decent experience.


Artwork: Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 gets a rating of 5 out of 10 for its artwork. The theme is colorful and it reflects the fact that the game is inspired by an animated TV series. As I mentioned before, the graphic engine used in this game is really outdated. The environment is almost non-existent – it is basically a pixelated background picture which changes every once in awhile and there is no interaction with it. The animations are almost average but probably because of the overall looks of the game, they look rather bad as well. The only thing that is decent about the artwork is the character design – they look like they should.

Music & SFX: I give Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 a rating of 8 out of 10 at this section. It may come as a surprise but one of the best features the game has is the soundtrack. There are just 1 or 2 songs but they are really good. The soundtrack fits the theme and it provides a great atmosphere – you really feel like playing something related with the Dragon Ball series. The sound effects are interesting and they can compete with more “powerful” versions of the game – consoles and such. The problem with the SFX is that after a period of time they will feel repetitive (especially the sound effects that are triggered during combos).

Story/Originality: Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 gets a rating of 7 out of 10 at this segment. Unfortunately, I was not able to pinpoint the real developer of the game so, as I mentioned earlier, I am not sure about the licensing rights of the game. Because of this, this title gets the benefit of the doubt. There is a story in the game but for some odd reason, it is not clearly explained to the users so you should guess what your role in all of this is. That is a bit disappointing because the players will expect much more.

General Gameplay: I give Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 a rating of 7 out of 10 for its gameplay. There isn’t a tutorial at first and you will most likely be confused by the game intro (you need to press ESC to get to the menu). The controls are decent but if you are a lefty you will have a hard time. There aren’t any complicated mechanics and with the exception of the combos which you will naturally learn, everything is straightforward – you must defeat your enemy by all means. For the time I’ve played I haven’t encountered any major bugs, freezes or crashes.

Addictiveness: Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 gets a rating of 8 out of 10 for its addictiveness. If one thing is certain about this game is that you will have fun playing it. The game has a possibly interesting story (remember the fact that you don’t exactly know what you do) and there are dozens of characters which you can play so boredom will not install quickly. Probably the best thing that this Dragon Ball game has to offer is the availability of a hot seat multiplayer mode – with a friend there will be twice the fun.

Overall, Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 gets a rating of 7 out of 10. The final rating basically reflects the game as a whole – an average one. There isn’t anything that stands out in particular but with a bit of luck and smart marketing moves, Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6 can become really popular. Only time can tell.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is an adventure-RPG made by Matt Roszak. It is the fourth installment of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, featuring new areas, new enemies, new Medals, and a new playable character – Anna.

Previously in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, the ancient demon Akron was defeated by three young adventurers and their pet cat. Matt the warrior, Natalie the magician, and Lance the gunman had saved the world and become living legends. Afterward, the heroes pillaged towns for a living, because they could get away with it. They saved the world from certain destruction, after all, so it may be argued that they earned the right to everything within it. This behavior quickly made them many enemies. Fast forward to today: A sacred jewel was just stolen from the village of Greenwood. Local legends say that terrible things will happen if this jewel falls into the wrong hands. Anna, a young ranger and a resident of Greenwood, was very upset by this news. Anna quickly prepares to chase down the infamous trio who were spotted nearby, and who she suspects might have taken the jewel. Eventually, it becomes apparent that while the party did, in fact, steal from Greenwood, they were not responsible for the theft of the crystal. The party then joins Anna on a quest to reclaim the crystal. Early on, they are challenged by the treat Mighty Oak, who joins the party (as Anna’s Limit Break) after they prove their worth. Their path leads them through the Crystal Caverns. Inside, after defeating the Crystal Golem, the party is ambushed by a mysterious, glowing, cat-like figure. They barely survive the encounter and learn in the nearby town of Whitehall about the legend of Godcat – a creator goddess who created the cats in her image and humans as their servants. The party suspects that someone is trying to steal the three crystals and revive Godcat, so she may purge the world of humans and restore the cats’ reign over the Earth. This is confirmed when Whitehall’s crystal is stolen. Clearly, by this point, the quest is no longer merely a hunt for a thief but rather a race to save the entire world from destruction at the hands of its creator.

The party needs to go to Goldenbrick Resort in order to prevent the heist of the last crystal, but to do so they need a powerful hammer with which to smash the boulders blocking the road. They venture into the depths of Whitehall’s Waste Disposal Plant in order to retrieve a hammer rumoured to be inside, but soon find that a rogue A.I. has taken over the facility, and due to budget cuts the staff was unable to prevent it from hacking into the Plant’s alarmingly large array of deadly weaponry and high-tech robots including the powerful Praetorian. After a grueling battle, the party defeats the robot (which Lance hacks into joining the party as a summon), finally obtain the hammer and continue on the path to Goldenbrick. Their progress is further impeded by the collapse of a bridge, forcing them to take the long route through Lankyroot Jungle. Before leaving the jungle, the party is once again met with opposition from Godcat (although a darker-looking one). The party is nearly killed but survives as Godcat is yet again unable to sustain a physical form. After destroying a dangerous carnivorous plant known as Rafflesia, blocking the way, the party rushes to Goldenbrick. Unfortunately, our heroes find that a group of cats has stolen Goldbrick’s crystal as well. The party chases the cats deep into the Temple of Godcat, where they witness the resurrection of Godcat. After a final climactic duel, Godcat expresses empathy for the party’s bravery and recognizes the worth of the human race, deciding to spare this world and leave to create another one. The cats who stole the crystals in the first place were also honored for their bravery and lived in the stars with God can forever after. Then the party winds up back at Greenwood, where they celebrate and live happily ever after (until the next game?)…

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Snail Bob 2


Snail Bob 2’s puzzles are interesting and fun, but not terribly difficult. It escalates the difficulty slightly, and there is always the pressure of losing points for every second you play, but it’s not out to drive you mad. Instead, every screen has a charming uniqueness to it. The same could be said for the first game and it is to this second outing’s credit that it recycles little to none of the original levels, but reuses many of the mechanics.


There are 20 levels of play in this game and if you are a capable player, you should be fine as the challenge is still difficult.

Level 1: Click red button in the middle when snail gets on it, the x2 speed at the top.

Level 2: Click snail, middle top button where the ball is, click x2 and click the button under exit.

Level 3: Go backward when other snail approaches, click first caution button, click 4 and then when the other snail falls, click 4 again and exit.

Level 4: Click orange button, click green button, click green button again.

Level 5: Click orange button, then push lever left, then exit.

Level 6: Press lever down, press “red” punch key, and then exit.

Level 7: Press red button at the top left, press lever down on the right side, press red button on the left again, and then exit.

Level 8: Click on balloons away from anything or anyone.

Level 9: Red button up top, then right arrow on the upper left side, then red button at the button.

Level 10: Move all of the orange knobs down at the upper right hand side.

Level 11: Click the lever to the right side, move the trampoline along with the snail so he bounces to exit.

Level 12: Click lower first red button, then upper red button, and then red button in the middle, and then the last red button on the right.

Level 13: Move lever to the left, and stop moving every time the bird comes.

Level 14: Rotate lever, then rotate lever again when snail falls in ditch, then when he is above the ditch, press the red button and exit.

Level 15: Move lever to the left, then drag up and down to the pump on the lower right side, then presses the down arrow on the screen and exit.

Level 16: Press down lever, then press left balloon and wait for the spider to grab the other snail, then press the right balloon and press the left balloon when the snail gets on it and exit.

Level 17: Drag up the top thing, and press the red button.

Level 18: Press the lever to the right, then back to the left again, and exit.

Level 19: Click lever to the left, then press down arrow, and press lever to the left again, then down again, do it again and then press the red button on the lower right side and exit.

Level 20: press down lever, then click the red button on the left side, then wait for the other snail to leave, and then exit.

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Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic is a 2-D side-scroller made by Dennis-Gid. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on February 21, 2004.

The gameplay style is similar to the Sonic Advance series for the GBA. In fact, the sprites used in the game are the exact ones used in Sonic Advance. The game is played solely with the Arrow Keys to move and the Spacebar to Jump/Fly/Spindash.

The game keeps track of the player’s progress by a very simple password system. The final password which unlocks everything is 595313131313131 or 595 followed by 31 six times.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic
  • Tails (can fly)
  • Knuckles (Can’t Glide or Climb Walls.)
  • Cream and Cheese (can fly)
  • Amy Rose (Unlocked by beating the game with the first 4./Follow Me from Sonic
  • Heroes replaces the credits music)
  • Shadow (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Is slower than Sonic but jumps a tiny bit higher.)

Cheats are unlocked once the game is completed with a certain character and gives level select:

  • Sonic Run 2-Changes Sonic’s running animation to the one in the first Sonic Advance. (Unlocked by beating the game with Sonic./Only works with Sonic)
  • Tails Follow-Tails will follow the character. (Unlocked by beating the game with Tails./Use Cheese’s code does nothing and replaces Cheese when using Cream.)
  • Behind-Places the character in the background behind background objects. (Unlocked by beating the game with Knuckles.)
  • Big Cheese-Makes Cheese the same size as Cream (Unlocked by beating the game with Cream./Only Works for Cream.)
  • Jukebox-Changes the pause menu to included a music selection feature to change music. (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Permanently activated upon obtaining.)
  • Moon Jump-Changes this physics of the game to a low-gravity environment. (Unlocked by beating the game with Shadow.)


  • There is a typo where at the end of each act, the game says “Sonic Got Trough Act 1” instead of “Sonic Got Through Act 1
  • Should the player lose Rings besides a wall, the rings will climb up to or above the top of the wall.
  • All Sprites in this game come from the GBA Sonic Games with all but one of
  • Shadow’s sprites coming from Sonic Battle. Said sprite is a recolor of Sonic’s hanging sprite.
  • Amy’s credits theme and the music for the 1st Zone are the only things in the game not to originate from one of the GBA Sonic games.

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Bomb It 5

Bomb it 5 is the fifth sequel of the bomb its series of games available to users through their PC. This fun and interactive game is suitable for all and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. You get to choose your own avatar when you begin the game. There is one avatar there to suit everyone.

You have to work your way through the maze getting through obstacles and enemies that are in your path. The game allows users to accrue bonus points by picking up extra tokens once you have removed an obstacle in your path. You can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate your avatar through the game and detonate bombs to destroy your enemies in order to make your way through the maze.


Remember the more points you get, the better dressed you can make your avatar!
You will come across obstacles in your path that need to be removed. How do you do this? By bombing them of course! The same goes for your enemies. If they are in your way it is time to bomb them before they get you. It is available for one or two players. So if you want a new challenge or want to beat your friends, give bomb it 5 ago.


You can choose to play this game with one or two players giving you the option to choose your own avatar and difficulty level. You can also decide on the number of enemies you would like to conquer. It is easy to use the menu as all you need to do to commence game is to select ‘start game’. It also provides a ‘how to play’ option which includes information on the keys to use to detonate bombs and arrows to use to move your avatar. You can turn the volume down or off using your computer’s sound settings.


The space bar detonates the bombs so you can navigate through the maze. Be careful not to stay next to bomb when it goes off or that will be the end of the game. The arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate your avatar around the game.



The objective of this game is to work your way through the maze removing any obstacles in your way (through bombing) and bombing any enemies that are in your way before they bomb you. You have to be quick to get out of the way of those bombs or they could get you too!


There are 4 different levels each with 5 levels within each section. As you progress through the game each level and section gets progressively harder. As you continue playing the game you pick up bonuses which increase your score, and the more you play the better you will progress and hopefully eventually reach the final level. It may be worth sticking to the easy levels at first so you can get used to the controls and improve your skills before progressing to the more difficult versions.

Let’s play Bomb It 5 now!

Epic War 5 Walkthrough

This will be a short guide to some of the more difficult stages, while I will ignore the levels which are more or less a grind. There’s common advice for nearly every level though;

– keep hero back. tell everyone else to attack.

The difference of the three heroes is not noticeable. They will all become near obsolete as the game becomes harder. Still, I suggest you take Valgrief or whatever the name is since he has the Walls spell.

Red text is important warnings, the Blue text is advice. Now, let’s proceed.


Final Stage of Campaign; Lord of Hell

This massive bastard swings a sword that deals 1000 damage. The idea is to get into his blind spot, which is just under him; he cannot hit you there. If you also manage to put your units more to his right, he will swing his sword towards his own units, thus sparing your archers and incoming melee units from his bastard swing.

Take lots of fast and strong melee units; the Amazons do very well here. March them forward and hope they slide through and get under him. You can do this very nicely with your hero, but one hit will probably mean game over.

Need; fast but strong melee units, especially good are Amazons

Don’t Need; You can probably do better without archer units here, they are just perfect targets for his swings.

Units to Take; Amazons! The rest is up to you.

Extra 8 Stage; The Inferno

It’s that annoying spinning efreet thing that goes tornado mode to destroy all your units. Keep sending melee distractions and build walls on him to slow him down while your archers do the damage. He will probably get really close to your hero before dying.

Need; walls, stuff like Goblins, tons of archers

Don’t Need; strong melee units won’t last much.

Units to Take; cheap and fast melee units, Centaurs, Elf Hunters, Mages

1# Trial; The Colossus

This one has a terrifying two punch 8000-10000 damage but is painfully slow at moving. The idea is to use your Wall skills a lot here, as well as take units like Goblins – the Colossus takes a while to punch, and the goblins will greatly decrease his progress. Other than the goblins, you might want to take a bunch of archers and keep them at safe bay while firing at him. The Colossus will likely get very close to reaching your hero on the left end of the map, but now the goblins will constantly spawn and block his progress to the point that it will be pretty easy to win. Do remember to take some strong melee guys too, because the enemy also spawns goblins which will interfere with your goblins. White Tiger (Wolf?) is also good because he attacks from far and returns and the colossus will attempt to hit him and miss.

Need; Goblins and archers

Don’t Need; your heavy units will quickly fall under the Colossus’s pounding. Take only one or two that will engage the enemy goblins.

Units to Take; Goblins, a lot of your ranged units, no sluggish melee’s

2# Trial; That Big Fortress Thingie

This mission is a huge drag, mainly cause the Boss unit is supported by powerful super Goblins and Golems, as well as having probably like a million HP. Yes, this fight will take a loooong while. I will just say what I used for this, also it was one of the last missions I did; Fortress with Turtle Shield, White Wolf with Omega Seal, Black Dragon with Platinum Sword, Succubus, Elf Hunter, Centaurs. I probably did a mistake with the ranged units, since the Fortresses awesome attack deals wide splash damage that destroys archers; considering using more titans or melee units for this one. Keep sending them in force and drink lots of coffee – the boss, although powerful, is so slow that he’s not a threat at all.

Need; Fortress, White Wolf, Black Dragon, a bucket of coffee.

Don’t Need; most of the ranged units. Fortress is immune to Pierce.

Units to Take; massive melees.

3# Trial; Father and Sons Reunion

A bunch of Lords of Hell of different sizes. You will need a good melee force here since the Lords will take apart any of your units which don’t rush under his blind spot. I did it with a near pure Melee build. This Trial is much easier than the second in my opinion so I did it first.

Need; good Melees to get into the Lord of Hell’s weak points but also to outmuscle the enemy.

Don’t Need; –

Units to Take; basically, just the best for this. It’s really up to you, but do take White Wolf since he dodges damage a lot.

4# Trial; Slay the Undead Beast

I personally used a full Titans team (Inferno, White Wolf, Phoenix, Fortress, Black Dragon, Death) to defeat him, but it would be much easier if I replaced one of them (probably Death or Fortress) with Goblins, Amazons or something fast with high spawn rate. The Undead Beast is a Black Wolf, dealing like from 2000 to 4000 damage on a wide area, and will cut his way towards your Hero unless you plan this out carefully. You need the goblins (or whatever) to annoy him into stopping more often than he needs to, giving your Titans the needed time to gather and bash him. I also armored the Titans with defensive items to beat him. Keep placing walls right under him, and if you need mana wait for your White Wolf to arrive to delay him greatly. That is your plan; place walls under Black Wolf, if no mana wait for your Wolf to arrive. With this strategy you can keep him on the > end the entire game. Also if you do it correctly, you can block the Wolf and put Towers behind him for continuous damage.

Need; Goblins or other such distractors, Titans, items that increase slash defense greatly (Wolf has slashing attack and slashing weakness), WALLS

Don’t Need; Ranged units

Units to Take; all your heavy hitters + Goblins

5# Trial; The End of Hope

It’s a short map with a superpowered Amazon. This is the time to drag out all your archers as well as the Fortress and whatever else you need to slow down her progress as she cuts her way towards your hero. I personally did a little grind to get enough of those platinum swords for my archers (they’re on the Kill Death level), and armed my 3 melee Titans with defensive artifacts. It was pretty simple from there. You can plant a bunch of Healing Altars behind your Fortress for the lols.

Need; your best archers, Fortress with Turtle armor or Omega Seal and 1-2 more fat units to hold her off

Don’t Need; melee units that cannot survive 1500 damage blows, so anything but Titans is out really. She’s pretty fast with her hits so Goblins are not as great of a choice.

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