Snail Bob 2


Snail Bob 2’s puzzles are interesting and fun, but not terribly difficult. It escalates the difficulty slightly, and there is always the pressure of losing points for every second you play, but it’s not out to drive you mad. Instead, every screen has a charming uniqueness to it. The same could be said for the first game and it is to this second outing’s credit that it recycles little to none of the original levels, but reuses many of the mechanics.


There are 20 levels of play in this game and if you are a capable player, you should be fine as the challenge is still difficult.

Level 1: Click red button in the middle when snail gets on it, the x2 speed at the top.

Level 2: Click snail, middle top button where the ball is, click x2 and click the button under exit.

Level 3: Go backward when other snail approaches, click first caution button, click 4 and then when the other snail falls, click 4 again and exit.

Level 4: Click orange button, click green button, click green button again.

Level 5: Click orange button, then push lever left, then exit.

Level 6: Press lever down, press “red” punch key, and then exit.

Level 7: Press red button at the top left, press lever down on the right side, press red button on the left again, and then exit.

Level 8: Click on balloons away from anything or anyone.

Level 9: Red button up top, then right arrow on the upper left side, then red button at the button.

Level 10: Move all of the orange knobs down at the upper right hand side.

Level 11: Click the lever to the right side, move the trampoline along with the snail so he bounces to exit.

Level 12: Click lower first red button, then upper red button, and then red button in the middle, and then the last red button on the right.

Level 13: Move lever to the left, and stop moving every time the bird comes.

Level 14: Rotate lever, then rotate lever again when snail falls in ditch, then when he is above the ditch, press the red button and exit.

Level 15: Move lever to the left, then drag up and down to the pump on the lower right side, then presses the down arrow on the screen and exit.

Level 16: Press down lever, then press left balloon and wait for the spider to grab the other snail, then press the right balloon and press the left balloon when the snail gets on it and exit.

Level 17: Drag up the top thing, and press the red button.

Level 18: Press the lever to the right, then back to the left again, and exit.

Level 19: Click lever to the left, then press down arrow, and press lever to the left again, then down again, do it again and then press the red button on the lower right side and exit.

Level 20: press down lever, then click the red button on the left side, then wait for the other snail to leave, and then exit.

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Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic is a 2-D side-scroller made by Dennis-Gid. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on February 21, 2004.

The gameplay style is similar to the Sonic Advance series for the GBA. In fact, the sprites used in the game are the exact ones used in Sonic Advance. The game is played solely with the Arrow Keys to move and the Spacebar to Jump/Fly/Spindash.

The game keeps track of the player’s progress by a very simple password system. The final password which unlocks everything is 595313131313131 or 595 followed by 31 six times.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic
  • Tails (can fly)
  • Knuckles (Can’t Glide or Climb Walls.)
  • Cream and Cheese (can fly)
  • Amy Rose (Unlocked by beating the game with the first 4./Follow Me from Sonic
  • Heroes replaces the credits music)
  • Shadow (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Is slower than Sonic but jumps a tiny bit higher.)

Cheats are unlocked once the game is completed with a certain character and gives level select:

  • Sonic Run 2-Changes Sonic’s running animation to the one in the first Sonic Advance. (Unlocked by beating the game with Sonic./Only works with Sonic)
  • Tails Follow-Tails will follow the character. (Unlocked by beating the game with Tails./Use Cheese’s code does nothing and replaces Cheese when using Cream.)
  • Behind-Places the character in the background behind background objects. (Unlocked by beating the game with Knuckles.)
  • Big Cheese-Makes Cheese the same size as Cream (Unlocked by beating the game with Cream./Only Works for Cream.)
  • Jukebox-Changes the pause menu to included a music selection feature to change music. (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Permanently activated upon obtaining.)
  • Moon Jump-Changes this physics of the game to a low-gravity environment. (Unlocked by beating the game with Shadow.)


  • There is a typo where at the end of each act, the game says “Sonic Got Trough Act 1” instead of “Sonic Got Through Act 1
  • Should the player lose Rings besides a wall, the rings will climb up to or above the top of the wall.
  • All Sprites in this game come from the GBA Sonic Games with all but one of
  • Shadow’s sprites coming from Sonic Battle. Said sprite is a recolor of Sonic’s hanging sprite.
  • Amy’s credits theme and the music for the 1st Zone are the only things in the game not to originate from one of the GBA Sonic games.

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Bomb It 5

Bomb it 5 is the fifth sequel of the bomb its series of games available to users through their PC. This fun and interactive game is suitable for all and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. You get to choose your own avatar when you begin the game. There is one avatar there to suit everyone.

You have to work your way through the maze getting through obstacles and enemies that are in your path. The game allows users to accrue bonus points by picking up extra tokens once you have removed an obstacle in your path. You can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to navigate your avatar through the game and detonate bombs to destroy your enemies in order to make your way through the maze.


Remember the more points you get, the better dressed you can make your avatar!
You will come across obstacles in your path that need to be removed. How do you do this? By bombing them of course! The same goes for your enemies. If they are in your way it is time to bomb them before they get you. It is available for one or two players. So if you want a new challenge or want to beat your friends, give bomb it 5 ago.


You can choose to play this game with one or two players giving you the option to choose your own avatar and difficulty level. You can also decide on the number of enemies you would like to conquer. It is easy to use the menu as all you need to do to commence game is to select ‘start game’. It also provides a ‘how to play’ option which includes information on the keys to use to detonate bombs and arrows to use to move your avatar. You can turn the volume down or off using your computer’s sound settings.


The space bar detonates the bombs so you can navigate through the maze. Be careful not to stay next to bomb when it goes off or that will be the end of the game. The arrow keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate your avatar around the game.



The objective of this game is to work your way through the maze removing any obstacles in your way (through bombing) and bombing any enemies that are in your way before they bomb you. You have to be quick to get out of the way of those bombs or they could get you too!


There are 4 different levels each with 5 levels within each section. As you progress through the game each level and section gets progressively harder. As you continue playing the game you pick up bonuses which increase your score, and the more you play the better you will progress and hopefully eventually reach the final level. It may be worth sticking to the easy levels at first so you can get used to the controls and improve your skills before progressing to the more difficult versions.

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Epic War 5 Walkthrough

This will be a short guide to some of the more difficult stages, while I will ignore the levels which are more or less a grind. There’s common advice for nearly every level though;

– keep hero back. tell everyone else to attack.

The difference of the three heroes is not noticeable. They will all become near obsolete as the game becomes harder. Still, I suggest you take Valgrief or whatever the name is since he has the Walls spell.

Red text is important warnings, the Blue text is advice. Now, let’s proceed.


Final Stage of Campaign; Lord of Hell

This massive bastard swings a sword that deals 1000 damage. The idea is to get into his blind spot, which is just under him; he cannot hit you there. If you also manage to put your units more to his right, he will swing his sword towards his own units, thus sparing your archers and incoming melee units from his bastard swing.

Take lots of fast and strong melee units; the Amazons do very well here. March them forward and hope they slide through and get under him. You can do this very nicely with your hero, but one hit will probably mean game over.

Need; fast but strong melee units, especially good are Amazons

Don’t Need; You can probably do better without archer units here, they are just perfect targets for his swings.

Units to Take; Amazons! The rest is up to you.

Extra 8 Stage; The Inferno

It’s that annoying spinning efreet thing that goes tornado mode to destroy all your units. Keep sending melee distractions and build walls on him to slow him down while your archers do the damage. He will probably get really close to your hero before dying.

Need; walls, stuff like Goblins, tons of archers

Don’t Need; strong melee units won’t last much.

Units to Take; cheap and fast melee units, Centaurs, Elf Hunters, Mages

1# Trial; The Colossus

This one has a terrifying two punch 8000-10000 damage but is painfully slow at moving. The idea is to use your Wall skills a lot here, as well as take units like Goblins – the Colossus takes a while to punch, and the goblins will greatly decrease his progress. Other than the goblins, you might want to take a bunch of archers and keep them at safe bay while firing at him. The Colossus will likely get very close to reaching your hero on the left end of the map, but now the goblins will constantly spawn and block his progress to the point that it will be pretty easy to win. Do remember to take some strong melee guys too, because the enemy also spawns goblins which will interfere with your goblins. White Tiger (Wolf?) is also good because he attacks from far and returns and the colossus will attempt to hit him and miss.

Need; Goblins and archers

Don’t Need; your heavy units will quickly fall under the Colossus’s pounding. Take only one or two that will engage the enemy goblins.

Units to Take; Goblins, a lot of your ranged units, no sluggish melee’s

2# Trial; That Big Fortress Thingie

This mission is a huge drag, mainly cause the Boss unit is supported by powerful super Goblins and Golems, as well as having probably like a million HP. Yes, this fight will take a loooong while. I will just say what I used for this, also it was one of the last missions I did; Fortress with Turtle Shield, White Wolf with Omega Seal, Black Dragon with Platinum Sword, Succubus, Elf Hunter, Centaurs. I probably did a mistake with the ranged units, since the Fortresses awesome attack deals wide splash damage that destroys archers; considering using more titans or melee units for this one. Keep sending them in force and drink lots of coffee – the boss, although powerful, is so slow that he’s not a threat at all.

Need; Fortress, White Wolf, Black Dragon, a bucket of coffee.

Don’t Need; most of the ranged units. Fortress is immune to Pierce.

Units to Take; massive melees.

3# Trial; Father and Sons Reunion

A bunch of Lords of Hell of different sizes. You will need a good melee force here since the Lords will take apart any of your units which don’t rush under his blind spot. I did it with a near pure Melee build. This Trial is much easier than the second in my opinion so I did it first.

Need; good Melees to get into the Lord of Hell’s weak points but also to outmuscle the enemy.

Don’t Need; –

Units to Take; basically, just the best for this. It’s really up to you, but do take White Wolf since he dodges damage a lot.

4# Trial; Slay the Undead Beast

I personally used a full Titans team (Inferno, White Wolf, Phoenix, Fortress, Black Dragon, Death) to defeat him, but it would be much easier if I replaced one of them (probably Death or Fortress) with Goblins, Amazons or something fast with high spawn rate. The Undead Beast is a Black Wolf, dealing like from 2000 to 4000 damage on a wide area, and will cut his way towards your Hero unless you plan this out carefully. You need the goblins (or whatever) to annoy him into stopping more often than he needs to, giving your Titans the needed time to gather and bash him. I also armored the Titans with defensive items to beat him. Keep placing walls right under him, and if you need mana wait for your White Wolf to arrive to delay him greatly. That is your plan; place walls under Black Wolf, if no mana wait for your Wolf to arrive. With this strategy you can keep him on the > end the entire game. Also if you do it correctly, you can block the Wolf and put Towers behind him for continuous damage.

Need; Goblins or other such distractors, Titans, items that increase slash defense greatly (Wolf has slashing attack and slashing weakness), WALLS

Don’t Need; Ranged units

Units to Take; all your heavy hitters + Goblins

5# Trial; The End of Hope

It’s a short map with a superpowered Amazon. This is the time to drag out all your archers as well as the Fortress and whatever else you need to slow down her progress as she cuts her way towards your hero. I personally did a little grind to get enough of those platinum swords for my archers (they’re on the Kill Death level), and armed my 3 melee Titans with defensive artifacts. It was pretty simple from there. You can plant a bunch of Healing Altars behind your Fortress for the lols.

Need; your best archers, Fortress with Turtle armor or Omega Seal and 1-2 more fat units to hold her off

Don’t Need; melee units that cannot survive 1500 damage blows, so anything but Titans is out really. She’s pretty fast with her hits so Goblins are not as great of a choice.

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Gold Digger Cheats & Hints


Gold Digger Cheats and Hints with Gold Digger guides and Gold Digger walkthroughs for the hottest new game to hit the iOS store in August for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Chemistry is bringing back new life into coin grabbing, excursion games–where you’ll have to dig and dodge your way to collect coins and complete challenges for Gold Digger. And here you will find all the Gold Digger Cheats, Gold Digger Guides, and Gold Digger hints.

Gold Digger is the same sort of style as Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Basically, Gold Digger is going to have you drill through the Earth to grab as many coins as possible.

But it’s not going to be that easy…

You’re going to have the drill and swerve to pick up the coins. You’re also going to have dodge small (non-moving) lines of fire that are horizontal. Or move through big lines of flames that are moving in a circle, that you will also have to move out of the way for–while dodging killer worms coming from three different directions. Oh, and you also have to dodge huge bulging rocks that are going to destroy your three-car-drill.

But just because something is really tough–doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! That’s why we have all the Gold Digger hints, Gold Digger guides, and Gold Digger hints!

Gold Digger Cheats & Hints

Cheats & Hints 1
In order to get as much gold as possible, you’re going to have to swerve around a lot. In the beginning, you’re going pretty slow, so it’s easier to catch all the coins. But as you get further into the levels, you start drilling a little faster. A lot of the coins are also in shapes or are a letter. So it helps to swerve in on an angle to catch these coins.

Cheats & Hints 2
Grabbing coins allows for powerful upgrades during the game. If you find yourself short on a Gold Digger upgrade, go to the mission system–when you’ve paused the game. A lot of the objectives are very easy to complete, and will ultimately help you get to a high upgrade in Gold Digger.

Cheats & Hints 3
When on the rail tracks and picking up coins – when you see that the track is about to end or there is a triangle sign with a “!” you must slide over to a track that has more rails.

Cheats & Hints 4
The purple object that floats around will help you shoot all objects in front of you except for massive boulders.

Cheats & Hints 5
The best place to grab a ton of coins are in the beginning; there are pistols and words that are made out of coins. You may not be able to get all of them, but you’ll collect a lot if you swerve your drill everywhere.

Cheats & Hints 6
After each run, you’ll be given an opportunity to chip away at a big gold mountain. The only problem is, you’ll only be given a short amount of time. So it’s best to use as many fingers as possible and tap as fast as you can.

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Candy Crush Saga – Top Tips and Tricks That You Should Know


Candy Crush Saga has a good amount of players and even if the game is pretty old, there are still new people installing it every day. The Candy Crush Saga was released back in 2012 as a Facebook-only game, but soon enough, the developers launched the game for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Since then, the game has been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms. Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game, where you will need to line up three or more types of candies in order to clear them from the board. There are also different candies that come with some “special” abilities, which will help you clear the board faster.

Today we’re going to give you a few Tips and Tricks that you can use in Candy Crush Saga in order to finish the levels faster and easier.

Starting From The Bottom

When you clear candies in Candy Crush Saga, the other candies will shift down on the screen to fill the empty spaces. You will probably be tempted to clear matches from the top side of the board, but we suggest you clear them from the bottom side because this will give you better chances to create a “cascade effect” by matching more candies.

Limited Turns
At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a number which tells how many turns you have left until the level ends. The goal is to clear the level before the number of turns runs out. With other words, think twice before you make a move and optimize them in a way to clear the most candies possible.

Try To Match 4-5 Candies

Try to avoid the temptation to match only 3 candies and instead go for 4-5 similar candies. By lining up 4 candies you will create a special type of candy and when you will match it with two other special candies it will eliminate a whole row of varying candies. If you match five candies, you will also make a special candy that, when matched, will destroy all candies of a certain color from the entire board.

Suggested Matches Might Suck

Suggested matches are not always the best moves you can make. Instead, you should try to look for a better move, as in the most of the times you that you will find one.

Buying Charms

We agree that not many of in-app purchases, but if you will play Candy Crush Saga several hours per day, you will end up purchasing charms. Charms give you extra capabilities and once you buy one, it will be yours forever. A great charm that you should consider to purchase is the Charm of Life, which will give you eight lives instead of only five.

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One Piece Thousand Storm Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

The hit anime series One Piece returns to mobile devices in One Piece Thousand Storm! Thousand Storm is an action RPG featuring your favorite heroes from the One Piece universe. Control Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and more in a battle to become the best pirate of all time! Thousand Storm features co-operative play, so you can take on the enemy pirates with friends or random players! We’ll help you sail the seas like a true pilot with our One Piece Thousand Storm cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


One Piece Thousand Storm is like a lot of other anime action RPGs. Drawing new scene cards requires a lot of the premium currency which you’ll get over time. The important part, for now, is the combat, so let’s get started with our One Piece Thousand Storm tips and tricks guide.

1. Grab some friends!

Before you head into a level, you have the option of grouping up with random players. We recommend you do so whenever you get the chance because group play gives you increased drop rates on the treasure. Not only that, but this is the only way to earn Friend Points or FP, which you can spend in the Theater to get new scene cards! Additionally, if you join another player’s group as a guest, no stamina will be spent on your end. You’ll still spend stamina normally if you host a group yourself, but you’ll get an extra treasure as compensation. If you run out of stamina, why not join some other players for jolly co-op?

2. Swap heroes!

Remember that you have a second character to switch to whenever you want during battle. Since the game seems to grade you based on how fast you get through the levels, using your skills wisely is the key to getting through hordes of enemies fast. If you blow all of your SP on one character, switch out to your second one! Your characters have different HP and SP reserves so they should be at full SP, letting you continue barraging your enemies. In order to ensure that you’re at tip top performance, don’t forget to evolve and upgrade your secondary character in addition to your main character!
3. Take manual control!

We know it’s tempting to use auto battle especially in a hack ‘n’ slash game like this, but we recommend taking manual control as you battle through the levels. When the computer controls your character they will often run straight up to enemies and just auto attack. While this gets the job done in most cases, you will also probably take a lot of damage in return. This is kinda bad for ranged and support type characters, so you’ll want to take manual control of them. In fact, most damage can be avoided by using hit and run tactics. Ranged and support characters have the easiest time with this, but it’s also possible with fighter characters. Wait until enemies swing, then move in and attack. Move out before they swing again and rinse and repeat!

4. Use the right scene cards!

If you equip a character with scene cards with the same typing, they’ll receive a synergy bonus! The stat boosts they get from the scene cards will be further boosted. Additionally, your character will learn new skills so as long as they have the right scene cards equipped. If a scene card has a “Sk.” in the card, that means it has a skill for your currently selected character. Giving your heroes as many skills as possible is the key to fast clear times! Remember that you can also fuse two scene cards that have the same skill to upgrade the skill.

5. Revisit earlier levels!

Thousand Storm is a little different when it comes to its premium currency and drawing for new stuff. You can’t actually draw for new characters in this game; instead, you draw for new scene cards. This means that your only way to get and upgrade characters is through the medals. Each level has two different drop tables: one for the first time clear and one for normal drops. If you’re looking to improve a specific character, find out which level has a chance to drop their medals and start playing through it!

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