Paladog Walkthrough Guide

Paladog is a great strategy game with an addictive and entertaining gameplay, also really good graphics and sounds. You control a great doggy leader named Paladog and fight against the never-ending hordes of the zombies.


  • Chapter 1 Mind Forest, get Hood The Rabbit (Archer). Although rabbit its weak and slow, they make up for their low food cost, powerful range attacks and able to shoot fire arrow that penetrates multiple enemies and enemy base!
  • Chapter 2 Forest of the Dead, get Rooky the Kangaroo (Boxer) and max upgrade it! Kangaroo is the ideal partner for Rabbit as it has very fast melee attack speed, average health and above all, throws 4 rapid fire punches within a split second to the knock out the enemy quickly.
  • Chapter 3 Ice Glen, save money to grab Penguin and its upgrades. It will take awhile to get there since you need to purchase Defensive Tortoise, Monkey Pirate, and Elite Rhino before unlocking Penguin.

maxresdefault (1)

  • Chapter 4 Dark Cave, get Penguin The Wizard (Ice Mage). This Penguin costs a lot of food but it’s worth it against very powerful enemies. When bunnies golden arrow could not knock the big guys, Penguin will freeze them to death with its powerful ice shard. You might have difficulty completing Dark Cave Destiny Mode Level 5. Spend some cash on Defensive Tortoise and Monkey Pirates.
  • Chapter 5 Forgotten Palace, get the Pink Dragon (Flamethrower) to aid Penguin. Once you have those bunnies rushing in the early waves, summon Penguin followed by Pink Dragon. Get skills that allow you to produce food faster to summon these powerful allies into battlefield quickly.



If the battle is too hard, raising your level at some easy stages is also a good idea. It is important to check your items before heading for a battle! What weapon you should use will depend on your strategy, but it is better to have a weapon, ranged weapon and a healing to make the battle easy. It is not a good idea to summon units right after the battle starts. Units are weak alone. Enemies that attack from afar becomes scary when they’re all along. Get rid of them from time to time to avoid that situation.
If your inventory is full, monster’s won’t drop items anymore. So I recommend selling needless items at the shop. The skill of allies can also knock down your enemies. Don’t forget that the skills only works when allies are in the aura! Every boss monsters have distinct features. So the strategy also has to be different for each of them. Think wisely!

Try to play Paladog now!


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