Incursion 2 – The Artifact Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Pharoh’Ahn


This is it. A definitive confrontation of extreme predetermination. Pharoh’Ahn is prepared to thunder, and he’s brought more detestable animals in the interest of personal entertainment than you’d set out to the number. It is safe to say that you are prepared to cut down a compel of sheer shrewd and reestablish peace to the land? Obviously, you are.

The roads whereupon you should battle Pharoh’Ahn are part into three ways, all of which stream past a focal island and down to the exit in the southeast corner of the guide. There are garrison huts in a few areas, yet for the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress, you’ll need to utilize the island for building up your protections.


Your adversaries will come in huge waves, greater than what you’ve experienced sometime recently, and however, this will net you a considerable measure of cash you’ll additionally need to get them set up in a rush. You can hope to confront the accompanying new adversaries on this guide:

  • Molotovs. Though stylistically similar to Juggernauts, Molotovs are ranged enemies that can destroy a lot of your units in one go with their explosive projectiles. Send Garga in when one appears before it can get near your cloistered troops.
  • Jumpers. Though they’re only in one wave and they come alone, Jumpers are quite dangerous. They will teleport from place to place, and can quickly bypass your defenses without taking a single hit. Archers and Garga are necessities for killing them before they can escape. Don’t bother with spells, they typically aren’t that useful. Melee units are nigh useless against Jumpers unless you know exactly where they’ll land, and even then they won’t do much.
  • Makujins. Cloaked friends that skulk slowly along, Makujins are a horrid threat to melee fighters. If you do use sword-to-sword troops, make sure they don’t have to fight these guys.
  • Belgians. Flaming beasts with swords of fire, Belgians have a lot of health and usually serve as distractions so other enemies can slip through. Arrows are your best friends when dealing with one, as are status ailments inflicted early.
  • Banshees. Floating screamers that appear in large, slow-moving clusters. Banshees are easy to deal with if you have archers or lots of magic-users handy, which you will on this map. Gaga isn’t the best choice for taking them on.


The battle has a ton of units appearing at a time, all headed in massive groups to the same spot. This is particularly true, later in the battle, of Skeletons. You’ll find out why momentarily.

Your setup for this fight ought to depend, as ever for the later levels, of mages, bowmen, and reasonable utilization of Garga as a square at the edge of the guide. Set up two toxophilites and one mage in the center tower on the focal island, and rapidly step up the mage so it’s impacting adversaries with lightning. The bowmen will give adequate softening-up help to the mages’ objectives and will do pleasantly against the enchantment secured foes that the mages can’t slaughter. Spread out into the nearby sleeping enclosure once the first is completely furnished with business as usual, especially the mages.

Garga is especially critical in this battle in view of the infrequent appearances of Queens of the Spotless Mind from the west side of the guide. These animals will wreak devastation by taking control of your units, and it’s dependent upon Garga to stop them before they can do much harm. Utilize zone assaults to bring them, and their meaty accomplices, down when they enter the guide. Do whatever it takes not to assault them with Garga specifically, as he’s extremely perilous when he’s confounded. In the event that he gets hit with perplexity, transport him elsewhere – he’ll more often than not lose the status instantly.

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