Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic is a 2-D side-scroller made by Dennis-Gid. It was uploaded to Newgrounds on February 21, 2004.

The gameplay style is similar to the Sonic Advance series for the GBA. In fact, the sprites used in the game are the exact ones used in Sonic Advance. The game is played solely with the Arrow Keys to move and the Spacebar to Jump/Fly/Spindash.

The game keeps track of the player’s progress by a very simple password system. The final password which unlocks everything is 595313131313131 or 595 followed by 31 six times.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic
  • Tails (can fly)
  • Knuckles (Can’t Glide or Climb Walls.)
  • Cream and Cheese (can fly)
  • Amy Rose (Unlocked by beating the game with the first 4./Follow Me from Sonic
  • Heroes replaces the credits music)
  • Shadow (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Is slower than Sonic but jumps a tiny bit higher.)

Cheats are unlocked once the game is completed with a certain character and gives level select:

  • Sonic Run 2-Changes Sonic’s running animation to the one in the first Sonic Advance. (Unlocked by beating the game with Sonic./Only works with Sonic)
  • Tails Follow-Tails will follow the character. (Unlocked by beating the game with Tails./Use Cheese’s code does nothing and replaces Cheese when using Cream.)
  • Behind-Places the character in the background behind background objects. (Unlocked by beating the game with Knuckles.)
  • Big Cheese-Makes Cheese the same size as Cream (Unlocked by beating the game with Cream./Only Works for Cream.)
  • Jukebox-Changes the pause menu to included a music selection feature to change music. (Unlocked by beating the game with Amy./Permanently activated upon obtaining.)
  • Moon Jump-Changes this physics of the game to a low-gravity environment. (Unlocked by beating the game with Shadow.)


  • There is a typo where at the end of each act, the game says “Sonic Got Trough Act 1” instead of “Sonic Got Through Act 1
  • Should the player lose Rings besides a wall, the rings will climb up to or above the top of the wall.
  • All Sprites in this game come from the GBA Sonic Games with all but one of
  • Shadow’s sprites coming from Sonic Battle. Said sprite is a recolor of Sonic’s hanging sprite.
  • Amy’s credits theme and the music for the 1st Zone are the only things in the game not to originate from one of the GBA Sonic games.

Play this game now Ultimate Flash Sonic

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