Final Shift Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Final Shift is an endless runner type of game. The game uses a third person kind of view but you are controlling an arrow head of some kind as it moves on the road. Your objective is to get as far as you can than your last run. You need to avoid hazards like blocks, pit falls, obstacles and much more. Get your gear into turbo with the help of our Final Shift hack, cheats, tips and guide.


You just need to be fast

Final Shift just needs you to be fast when it comes to your tapping. You need to anticipate those obstacles coming so just be fast with your hands. You need to be much faster when you’re trying to catch up or avoid any kind of obstacle.

Don’t move a lot

When there are no obstacles on the road, then don’t move a lot. It is better to just stay put for the most part. You risk hitting obstacles when you keep on moving when there’s really no need for you to do so. One other trick is to stay in the middle. That way when an obstacle appears, you can easily dodge it by going to either side. Plus not tapping on the screen gives you time to relax.

Pay attention to the road

There are a couple of hazards that we would like to emphasis. We have of course the blocks on the road that you can already see ahead. There are those blocks that fall from the sky that you can also see so you can avoid them as well. The other thing is those moving blocks on the road. They can move from left to right or vice versa. Try to stay away from them as far as you can as they can suddenly move towards you but they won’t follow you from behind which is good. Then we have the pit falls. Those are the gaps and holes you see on the road. There are visible pit falls and some that will appear suddenly on the road. When it comes to those that suddenly appear on the road, just pay attention and move away from them as fast as you can.

Those colored blocks and sprays

Your character which is apparently a ship will have a color. When you pass by a spray mechanism on the side, your ship will change color. There is a reason for this and not just for aesthetics. There will be blocks later on that you can pass through but they have different colors. You have to make sure that your ship depending on the color will have to pass through the block of the same color. If you fail to do so then your ship gets destroyed.

Diamonds, extra lives, and more ships

There are Diamonds scattered on the road. You can choose to get them but don’t risk your run by getting a Diamond and crashing to an obstacle. Use those Diamonds to unlock more ships for aesthetics. Then make sure to grab those extra lives when they are available at the game over screen so you can use it on your next run.

Get as far as you can with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Final Shift hack, cheats, tips, and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

Flappy 3D Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s Flappy Bird like you’ve never experienced it before! Take on the Flappy Bird course in full first-person 3D in Flappy 3D! Flappy 3D takes the classic tough-as-nails game and puts a whole new spin on it. You’ll be surprised at how much changes when you can only see directly in front of you! Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help you jump back into the flappy scene with our Flappy 3D cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide!
Thought the Flappy Bird craze was over? It’s still lingering around in some games, like Flappy 3D! It’s just as challenging as the original game, so let’s get started with our Flappy 3D tips and tricks guide!


1. Flap from below!

One of the most common ways to meet your untimely end is slamming into the top pipe. Since your flap arc never changes and will always make you ascend the same distance, you can take advantage of this! To reduce collisions from above, approach the openings coming from the bottom side. That way, when you flap, your arc will carry you right through the middle of the opening keeping you away from the top and bottom pipes. Just make sure you’re not too low, otherwise, you’ll slam right into the bottom pipe!

2. Find your rhythm!

Finding a good “rhythm” was really important in the original Flappy Bird, and it’s just as important here. It’s hard to describe exactly what rhythm is in this game, but you’ll know when you get it. It’s when you find that perfect timing in between your flaps so that your natural forward movement feels “natural”. It feels like you are literally the flappy bird! A good rhythm is important because it’ll keep your movement controlled, ready for any sudden height changes in the pipe openings.

3. Stay calm!

As was always the case, staying calm and collected is probably the most important tip we can think of for Flappy Bird type games. If you’re suddenly faced with an opening that’s way below or above you, do not panic! It’s a little harder to see coming because of the first person perspective, but remain calm and tap as you need. If you get a little antsy you might tap too many times, sending you straight into a pipe!

4. Approach at an angle!

If you’re not comfortable with approaching pipe openings from the bottom side, you also try falling towards them. If you come down at an opening from above, with proper timing you’ll put yourself in the perfect position to flap over the opening with one good tap. Just keep in mind that this requires a little more skill as you’ll need to be able to effectively gauge the height difference between you and the opening, which is a lot harder said than done because of the perspective. When you’re coming from the bottom you can usually see a lot more of the pipe – not so much when you’re coming from above.

5. Don’t worry about flying “straight”!

Don’t even bother trying to keep yourself on a steady, straight plane. You’re going to be bobbing back and forth and that’s actually a good thing! Because the openings shift around so much it’s pointless to worry about trying to keep yourself on a straight line. As we mentioned above, it’s much more important to find a good “rhythm”, and that’s calm and controlled taps that keep everything under control. Small shifts in altitude are a lot easier to handle when your flaps are controlled!

That’s all for Flappy 3D! Remember: practice makes perfect! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

Guide Rolling Sky Game

Rolling Sky is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to roll a little ball as far as you can by tilting your phone, avoiding obstacles and pitfalls in the process; however, it’s a whole lot tougher than it looks. The further you get into a level, the faster the level gets and the more obstacles there are. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rolling Sky!

You start off with 20 balls, which are the lives in this game. The game always tell you how many balls do you have left. When the account reaches zero, then you will have to wait for lives to be restored. If you want to get 10 free ones right away, you can choose to watch an advertisement video in order to do so; or, you can make an in app purchase to receive unlimited lives.

There are actually five different levels in this game, and despite what it may look like, all five of them are available to you immediately. You do not need to beat a level in order to unlock the next level. Simply back out of a level, go to the level select screen, pick one of the five levels, and tap it.

In the case of some of the more difficult levels, such as level five, the obstacles consist more of a visual trickery than actual roadblocks. Watch the pattern of the various surfaces and objects on each level and you will easily be able to figure out where you can move to in order to avoid them and get far, eventually making it to 100% on each level.


One of the trickiest obstacles to look out for is the surfaces that fall as soon as you touch them. Pay attention to the texture of each surface; the surface that breaks away has a different texture than the surface that stays put when you cross it. Don’t be fooled.
Watch out so that you do not overshoot the jumps from side to side when you are hopping from platform to platform. Jumps can be easy to overshoot when you’re flying through the air because you have no idea how far to the side and you have to move at first, but with practice it becomes easier to tell.

Rolling Sky Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Rolling Sky is a simple but challenging one-touch game. Guide a rolling ball as it dances across the sky, but make sure you watch out for holes and obstacles! It’s modeled after Flappy Bird in the sense that it’s a “one more try” type of game, so be prepared for a tough but addicting challenge! We’ll help you overcome the sky with our Rolling Sky cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!
1. Keep your finger on the screen!

You can do “swipe” motions to add a little more momentum to your ball, but for the most part, you’re going to want to keep your finger on the screen at all times. Your ball will follow where you keep your finger with precision speed, and perfect control is an absolute must in this game. Keep your finger on the screen at all times!
2. Don’t worry about the gems!

Don’t fret if you end up missing a gem. For your first run through a level, you should just focus on memorizing the correct paths to go and the obstacles and traps to avoid. Don’t worry about the gems; they don’t even seem to do much
3. Follow the gems!

During the first level, for the most part, you’ll be on autopilot just dodging pitfalls and making the jumps. From the second level onwards, the levels will sometimes have split paths and one path may lead you to your doom. In these cases be on the lookout for gems – they will always point you in the right direction! For example, there’s a split near the beginning of the second level. The left path has a gem and the right path does not. Taking the right path will put you on a collision course with sliding platforms!
4. Play with sound on!

Your mileage may vary with this tip, but we found having the sound on helped us memorize the levels. You see, each level has its own unique song to it and the levels are played out in a way that synchronized with the music. Hard beats are accompanied by those hammers that slam down, and drops are signified by those huge laser cannons. With enough tries, the music will help you memorize levels by giving you audio cues!
5. Take a break if you need it!

This game is incredibly challenging and like the other games in this genre, you can end up frustrated really quick. If you’re consistently crashing, step back and take a break. It’s better to come back later, as balls will regenerate over time anyways. If you’re determined, though, you can also watch a short advertisement for 10 free balls if you run out.