Epic War 5 Walkthrough

This will be a short guide to some of the more difficult stages, while I will ignore the levels which are more or less a grind. There’s common advice for nearly every level though;

– keep hero back. tell everyone else to attack.

The difference of the three heroes is not noticeable. They will all become near obsolete as the game becomes harder. Still, I suggest you take Valgrief or whatever the name is since he has the Walls spell.

Red text is important warnings, the Blue text is advice. Now, let’s proceed.


Final Stage of Campaign; Lord of Hell

This massive bastard swings a sword that deals 1000 damage. The idea is to get into his blind spot, which is just under him; he cannot hit you there. If you also manage to put your units more to his right, he will swing his sword towards his own units, thus sparing your archers and incoming melee units from his bastard swing.

Take lots of fast and strong melee units; the Amazons do very well here. March them forward and hope they slide through and get under him. You can do this very nicely with your hero, but one hit will probably mean game over.

Need; fast but strong melee units, especially good are Amazons

Don’t Need; You can probably do better without archer units here, they are just perfect targets for his swings.

Units to Take; Amazons! The rest is up to you.

Extra 8 Stage; The Inferno

It’s that annoying spinning efreet thing that goes tornado mode to destroy all your units. Keep sending melee distractions and build walls on him to slow him down while your archers do the damage. He will probably get really close to your hero before dying.

Need; walls, stuff like Goblins, tons of archers

Don’t Need; strong melee units won’t last much.

Units to Take; cheap and fast melee units, Centaurs, Elf Hunters, Mages

1# Trial; The Colossus

This one has a terrifying two punch 8000-10000 damage but is painfully slow at moving. The idea is to use your Wall skills a lot here, as well as take units like Goblins – the Colossus takes a while to punch, and the goblins will greatly decrease his progress. Other than the goblins, you might want to take a bunch of archers and keep them at safe bay while firing at him. The Colossus will likely get very close to reaching your hero on the left end of the map, but now the goblins will constantly spawn and block his progress to the point that it will be pretty easy to win. Do remember to take some strong melee guys too, because the enemy also spawns goblins which will interfere with your goblins. White Tiger (Wolf?) is also good because he attacks from far and returns and the colossus will attempt to hit him and miss.

Need; Goblins and archers

Don’t Need; your heavy units will quickly fall under the Colossus’s pounding. Take only one or two that will engage the enemy goblins.

Units to Take; Goblins, a lot of your ranged units, no sluggish melee’s

2# Trial; That Big Fortress Thingie

This mission is a huge drag, mainly cause the Boss unit is supported by powerful super Goblins and Golems, as well as having probably like a million HP. Yes, this fight will take a loooong while. I will just say what I used for this, also it was one of the last missions I did; Fortress with Turtle Shield, White Wolf with Omega Seal, Black Dragon with Platinum Sword, Succubus, Elf Hunter, Centaurs. I probably did a mistake with the ranged units, since the Fortresses awesome attack deals wide splash damage that destroys archers; considering using more titans or melee units for this one. Keep sending them in force and drink lots of coffee – the boss, although powerful, is so slow that he’s not a threat at all.

Need; Fortress, White Wolf, Black Dragon, a bucket of coffee.

Don’t Need; most of the ranged units. Fortress is immune to Pierce.

Units to Take; massive melees.

3# Trial; Father and Sons Reunion

A bunch of Lords of Hell of different sizes. You will need a good melee force here since the Lords will take apart any of your units which don’t rush under his blind spot. I did it with a near pure Melee build. This Trial is much easier than the second in my opinion so I did it first.

Need; good Melees to get into the Lord of Hell’s weak points but also to outmuscle the enemy.

Don’t Need; –

Units to Take; basically, just the best for this. It’s really up to you, but do take White Wolf since he dodges damage a lot.

4# Trial; Slay the Undead Beast

I personally used a full Titans team (Inferno, White Wolf, Phoenix, Fortress, Black Dragon, Death) to defeat him, but it would be much easier if I replaced one of them (probably Death or Fortress) with Goblins, Amazons or something fast with high spawn rate. The Undead Beast is a Black Wolf, dealing like from 2000 to 4000 damage on a wide area, and will cut his way towards your Hero unless you plan this out carefully. You need the goblins (or whatever) to annoy him into stopping more often than he needs to, giving your Titans the needed time to gather and bash him. I also armored the Titans with defensive items to beat him. Keep placing walls right under him, and if you need mana wait for your White Wolf to arrive to delay him greatly. That is your plan; place walls under Black Wolf, if no mana wait for your Wolf to arrive. With this strategy you can keep him on the > end the entire game. Also if you do it correctly, you can block the Wolf and put Towers behind him for continuous damage.

Need; Goblins or other such distractors, Titans, items that increase slash defense greatly (Wolf has slashing attack and slashing weakness), WALLS

Don’t Need; Ranged units

Units to Take; all your heavy hitters + Goblins

5# Trial; The End of Hope

It’s a short map with a superpowered Amazon. This is the time to drag out all your archers as well as the Fortress and whatever else you need to slow down her progress as she cuts her way towards your hero. I personally did a little grind to get enough of those platinum swords for my archers (they’re on the Kill Death level), and armed my 3 melee Titans with defensive artifacts. It was pretty simple from there. You can plant a bunch of Healing Altars behind your Fortress for the lols.

Need; your best archers, Fortress with Turtle armor or Omega Seal and 1-2 more fat units to hold her off

Don’t Need; melee units that cannot survive 1500 damage blows, so anything but Titans is out really. She’s pretty fast with her hits so Goblins are not as great of a choice.

Play this game now Epic War 5

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