Gold Digger Cheats & Hints


Gold Digger Cheats and Hints with Gold Digger guides and Gold Digger walkthroughs for the hottest new game to hit the iOS store in August for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Chemistry is bringing back new life into coin grabbing, excursion games–where you’ll have to dig and dodge your way to collect coins and complete challenges for Gold Digger. And here you will find all the Gold Digger Cheats, Gold Digger Guides, and Gold Digger hints.

Gold Digger is the same sort of style as Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Basically, Gold Digger is going to have you drill through the Earth to grab as many coins as possible.

But it’s not going to be that easy…

You’re going to have the drill and swerve to pick up the coins. You’re also going to have dodge small (non-moving) lines of fire that are horizontal. Or move through big lines of flames that are moving in a circle, that you will also have to move out of the way for–while dodging killer worms coming from three different directions. Oh, and you also have to dodge huge bulging rocks that are going to destroy your three-car-drill.

But just because something is really tough–doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! That’s why we have all the Gold Digger hints, Gold Digger guides, and Gold Digger hints!

Gold Digger Cheats & Hints

Cheats & Hints 1
In order to get as much gold as possible, you’re going to have to swerve around a lot. In the beginning, you’re going pretty slow, so it’s easier to catch all the coins. But as you get further into the levels, you start drilling a little faster. A lot of the coins are also in shapes or are a letter. So it helps to swerve in on an angle to catch these coins.

Cheats & Hints 2
Grabbing coins allows for powerful upgrades during the game. If you find yourself short on a Gold Digger upgrade, go to the mission system–when you’ve paused the game. A lot of the objectives are very easy to complete, and will ultimately help you get to a high upgrade in Gold Digger.

Cheats & Hints 3
When on the rail tracks and picking up coins – when you see that the track is about to end or there is a triangle sign with a “!” you must slide over to a track that has more rails.

Cheats & Hints 4
The purple object that floats around will help you shoot all objects in front of you except for massive boulders.

Cheats & Hints 5
The best place to grab a ton of coins are in the beginning; there are pistols and words that are made out of coins. You may not be able to get all of them, but you’ll collect a lot if you swerve your drill everywhere.

Cheats & Hints 6
After each run, you’ll be given an opportunity to chip away at a big gold mountain. The only problem is, you’ll only be given a short amount of time. So it’s best to use as many fingers as possible and tap as fast as you can.

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