The fast paced rolling sky brings a challenge like no other

A fun, new game from Turbo Chilli has rolled onto the App Store. Released on Jan. 20, Rolling Sky will challenge you, amaze you, and dare you to keep playing. Just control your ball as it rolls through colorful platforms, around dangerous obstacles, and flies through the air. Sound easy? It’s not.


Rolling Sky gameplay
The controls in this game are simple because you just slide your finger left and right to steer your ball. But, that is definitely the only thing easy about this game. Rolling Sky demands your attention as you watch out for dangers, collect gems, and do your best to make it to the end with your quick reactions.
Game details
There are five unique worlds to master in Rolling Sky. Your goal is to make it to the portal at the end of everyone. Each colorful world has its own set of almost-impossible challenges, amazing graphics, and awesome music. There is also Game Center support so you can roll your way up the leaderboards.


Keep your eye on the ball
Rolling Sky is as difficult as it is gorgeous. The ball moves fast and you have very little time to see what is coming. So, keep your finger on the screen and your eye on the ball. If you are ready for a new type of challenge, then check out Rolling Sky.

Rolling Sky is designed for iPhone and iPad. It is available on the App Store for free with an upgrade in-app purchase for $2.99. For more new games, take a look at these recent reviews: Crashlands is one sassy and insanely good crafting RPG and Tap, explore, and fight your way through Dungelot: Shattered Lands.


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